Flag Ship 一舟一见

Bytedance Yangpu Center

Professional work with Ennead Architects

Date: 2021
Location: Shanghai, China
Type: Office, Performance, Adaptive Reuse, Public Space
Phase: Concept
Status: Finalist
Visualization: Plomp + Fancy
Reponsibility: Spatial design, Facade design, 3D modeling, Rendering coordination, Documentation

The building as a whole is like a proudly sailing ship, representing the enterprise spirit of forging ahead, bringing forth the new, and constantly creating. While satisfying all functional areas and community functions, it presents a unique corporate identity.

In addition, the design expresses respect for history and the exploration and integration of new buildings through the adaptive reuse of existing structures; through the visualization of functional areas, it shows the sparks of smart collision in teamwork; through bridges, pedestrian walks, The location of the corridor and the space site emphasizes the overall connectivity.

In addition to efficient functional areas and sustainable design strategies, the “one boat, one see” scheme also echoes the historical context of the site. The whole design starts from the historic structure of the riverside, through a new flow of people, cutting-edge technology, and a brand-new mission, to give the entire site vitality and vitality. We hope to be able to introduce the richness of business, innovation and creativity throughout the site into dialogue and interaction with emerging technologies and the forward-looking community of ByteDance through the dialogue between historical context and the new architecture.

The project envisions the dry dock to be converted into a park in the future.
The metaphors of ships, international exchange, and large-scale industry evoked by ByteDance Yangpu Riverside’s site in The Bund are important lenses through which to view ByteDance itself as it launches into an exciting, uncharted future of possibilities. As the center of China’s international exchange for centuries, The Bund represents exactly the eclectic mix of cultures, people, and ideas that make a society as well as a social media platform flourish. Much like The Bund has done historically, ByteDance serves as a medium and locus of connection between people trading ideas and interests all across the world.

Overlooking Lujiazui (Shanghai CBD)

In the increasingly competitive market of video sharing, social networking services, Douyin has found unprecedented success in China and TikTok has equally rapidly become a mainstay all over the world. ByteDance’s accomplishments have surpassed even industry experts’ highest expectations by using a unique, funnel-style recommendation algorithm that quickly matches up content, elevating more popular content and relegating that which fails to resonate with its audience. Seizing on the success of its novel approach, Douyin has cemented its place as a top, new technology company, grown rapidly in recent years, and kept its competitors far behind. In addition, the platform has redefined what consumers expect from video sharing social networking services by providing user-friendly editing tools, easy-to-use video production settings, and a global and diverse audience for new creators to reach.

ByteDance’s singularly exploration and community-focused corporate culture echoes the same ideals that drove previous generations who, in places just like the shipbuilding factories on ByteDance’s new Shanghai site, contributed astounding, individual curiosity and coordinated, collective effort to fuel China’s unparalleled industrialization in recent decades. In a formerly industrial area where the foundations of modern China’s flourishing economy were laid, ByteDance’s ‘Flag Ship’ design will be a central hub for an economic present and future whose forms, materiality, spatial composition, and collaborative ethos share a legacy with the previous occupants of the site along the Huangpu River. The reimagination of those same core elements respects the tradition and culture of the past and synthesizes a wholly original new model for future, productive environments.

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