On Capitalist Cities and Urban Implosion


Fall 2018
Advisor Lawrence Chua
Collaboration Ran He

Urban conditions as continuous strip

The age of information technology and digital economy have existed for some time. It promised drastic transformation for our social, economic, and political activities in theory. In fact, it has happened and created a new image of life for us. However, we are still stranded in the industrialized system established a century ago. Governments and corporations are reluctant to conduct full transition. As a result, situation only has been deteriorating. This exercise sets itself under the influence of “the Third Industrialization” and intends to seize the opportunity and potential of information and automation to propose an architecture that embodies the pure form of Capitalist productive system and disentangles production from society. The project speculates on an alternative future for production (as well as consumption) through the design of a hyper-factory.

A “Continuous Monument”

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